whyiGaming, a showcase for gaming in Malta

We speak with iGEN founder Enrico Bradamante on the ever-growing, thriving industry of gaming in Malta

whyiGaming, a showcase for the iGaming industry in Malta, was developed by the members of the iGaming European Network (iGEN). MaltaToday catches up with the founder of iGEN, Enrico Bradamante, to get the latest on this ever-growing, thriving industry.

What kind of services does whyiGaming offer?

whyiGaming is a communications platform for the iGaming industry to converse with the general public. It’s a portal that promotes the careers in the industry, showcases exactly what we do and also increases awareness for our role within society. It’s also a great resource for anyone who wants to find out more about the iGaming industry, hear first-hand what it’s like to work in the industry and search for job opportunities that may be available.

Can you tell us a little but more about whyiGaming and what it brings to the table in terms of the iGaming industry?

Sure! Some resources that are available on the website are the following: you can search through over 300 open vacancies and apply directly with the companies that are advertising the roles, check out how iGaming companies and colleagues are supporting Malta, hear from iGaming ambassadors including employees sharing their stories and letting people know what it’s like to work in the industry first-hand and finally, access information regarding what the industry is doing to protect the vulnerable players.

Many have expressed concern regarding the ‘instability’ or ‘volatility’ of the iGaming industry. is this concern justified? What are your thoughts on the stability of the industry?

I wouldn’t say there is instability or volatility in the industry. Quite the opposite! Gambling, as an activity, has been around for as long as the human race has been around. In every part of the world, it is ingrained in the cultures and behaviours. iGaming is a high-tech industry. It is fast-paced, ever-changing and with high degrees of innovation. iGaming is entertainment and many games are produced to provide entertainment. Therefore, graphic artists, 2D/3D animators and general creative staff are in high demand. Also, mathematicians and statisticians, to generate the RNG math models and analyse the huge amount of data the industry generates are required.

Over the years, legal and compliance has become an increased area of focus and investment. Finally, the usual support functions to operate any company are necessary, from HR to customer support to finance and operations.

How does the industry as a whole contribute to the local sphere?

According to government statistics, the iGaming industry in Malta contributes 13.3% to Malta’s economic activity, generates €80,400,000 in fees, levies and taxes and employs 7,500 people directly, the majority being skilled jobs, requiring higher education and language skills. There is also an estimated 4,000 jobs supporting the industry directly. This includes service providers (marketing, accounting, legal and the like) and others, including supermarkets, real estate, cleaners and the like.

What kind of future do you think the sector has in Malta?

Malta is the home of iGaming – there is no other hub in Europe, or in the world, that has so many companies and people working in the industry. I do believe that the sector has a bright future in Malta, provided the key dynamics are not changing: for example the tax environment, and the overall ecosystem of support & related services.
I am encouraged by the openness of the government to enter in a dialogue with the industry, and specifically by the positive steps it has taken on the rule of law,  investments in infrastructure and care for the environment.

This has been a turbulent week in Malta with Evolution Gaming making hundreds of positions redundant in Malta. What’s your take?

Evolution Gaming is a giant supplier in the casino space, and specifically the live casino product. They have just acquired NetEnt Group, another giant supplier in its own right, and the no 1 company in slot games. As I understand it, as part of that acquisition, Evolution have decided to close down the NetEnt live casino operations. This is quite normal in Mergers & Acquisitions, as companies want to find synergies and reduce costs to increase shareholders value. Unfortunately, this is to the detriment of employees’ positions…So the fundamental dynamics behind the momentum and further growth potential of the iGaming industry have not changed. It is of course very sad and concerning for the employees affected; especially to find out about that they will no longer have a job just before Christmas and during a COVID year.

I can also say that following the announcement, I have seen many other iGaming companies stepping up and highlighting their vacancies in the hope that most if not all of the staff made redundant by Evolution can find a new job quickly, and celebrate Christmas with one less worry about the future.

Originally Featured on MaltaToday.

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